L.ma provides 1 year warranty, from the date of purchase.

The free warranty service is provided to products that are WITHIN the warranty term.  

Also, the malfunction should NOT be caused by the customer’s voluntary modification or damage to the product. 

(If it is difficult to confirm the date of purchase, the warranty period takes effect after 3 months of its manufacture date.)


The clinical trial conducted by KTR, an internationally recognized testing & research institute, confirmed that people, who had used the LED mask for 4 weeks, showed about 37% improvement rate in their fine lines and wrinkles. It helps make your skin healthy from the inside.

L.ma is made by a domestic LED specialized company that is committed to making the world's finest LED lights. 

We manage the entire process from manufacture to distribution, allowing our customers to experience our LED mask at a reasonable price. 

In addition, the dedicated mount of the L.ma LED Faced Mask has a built in UV sterilization system to keep the mask clean after its use.

The constant use of the product is the key to maximize its effect. We recommend you use it for 10 to 20 minutes on a daily basis. 

However, every skin condition varies, it is recommended to gradually increase the use time and frequency. Also, utilizing the mask with our skin care products will boost its effect

It is recommended to apply a light skin care product (toner or lotion) after cleansing your skin.

After using the LED mask, wipe it with a cleaner and place it on its mount. The mount's UV sterilization function keeps the mask clean, disinfecting the device from viruses and bacteria.

It takes about 3 hours to fully charge the LED Mask device, which allows you to use it 3 times of the multi-mode and 8 times of the single mode. 

For the neck mask, it takes about 2.5 hours to fully charge it, allowing 5 times of the multi-mode use and 10 times of the single mode use.

(Please refrain from using the device more than 3 times in a row.)

The LED Mask can be used semi-permanently; the life span of the battery is about 3 years. 

However, the lifespan of the product may vary depending on the number of times the user charges and uses it.

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