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LED Face Mask

Jennifer 1 829
I was able to try the face mask for a month, and after only two weeks my skin was brighter, tighter, and my fine lines were diminishing. But what truly sold me on the product was the setting which kills the bacteria in one's sinuses. I've struggled with sinus infections since I arrived in Korea, and after only one use, I could feel a difference! This was the setting I was most intrigued by and was honestly dubious that it was legit. But I could breathe so much better and haven't had any issues since using it!
최고관리자 2021.07.28 08:55  
Hi Jennifer, It is amazing to hear our virus care mode helped you with sinus infections and you can now breathe better! The mode does exactly what it says it does and the function was added to our mask based on a research.  Thanks for sharing your experience with us we really appreciate it.